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Sensei Eddie Gillespie, 5th Dan,opened his first club in 1989 and has gone from strength to strength over the years, with the club producing a string of national and international champions. This success had been founded upon a cornerstone of the traditions of Karate.

Eddie Gillespie has achieved huge success himself on the competition circuit in both kata and kumite disciplines of the art of karate. His students continue to do the same. This “tradition of excellence” comes from the spiritual, mental and physical discipline instilled in the clubs across the North East of England.

Many of the students who started training with Sensei Gillespie when the club first opened its doors in 1989 still practice their art within the club. Whether old or young, Kazen Kai North East Students are united in a goal to strive to maintain these traditions. Its name and its students have become synonymous with success, excellence and camaraderie.

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